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Newsletter, March 2019

Greetings Backyard Birders, 

We are already well into 2019 and the Birds in Backyards Program has been busy with new projects and new ways for you to get involved with helping your local birds. In big news, our Birds in Backyards surveys are now FULLY integrated into the Birdata app - download it today and help us to learn more about the birds that live where people live.

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Happy birding,

Holly and Monica

Birds in Backyards Autumn Survey 2018

Autumn Survey

The leaves turn brown, the sun is low. Get out and survey - GO GO GO. Autumn is such an interesting time to be observing different birds migrating around the country. Do a seasonal survey and record the happenings in your garden.

Congratulations to our Summer Survey winners: Yoana S, QLD with 50 surveys, Lee S, VIC with 33 surveys, Barbara W, QLD with 29 surveys - fabulous effort all! This Autumn our prizes will be sent out to the 3 people who submit surveys from the most number of locations - so explore your local park, a family member's garden or patch of bush.

And don't forget we have a major prize for 2019. You can win a fabulous custom flock by the talented crew at Eggpicnic (RRP AUD$275). 

Birds in Backyards Autumn Survey 2018

Birdata App

The Birds in Backyards surveys are now fully functional on the Birdata app! You can now enter your bird sightings as well as your all important garden information to us via your smartphone or tablet in one go. You can:

  • assign your survey to one of our projects (like our quarterly surveys, Birds in Schools or Safe Cat, Safe Wildlife)
  • fill in your site/garden details - imagine a 'birds eye view' of your garden - how much space do each of the different layers of your garden take up (JUST a ballpark). Read the categories (none, a few, some, most) and see what fits best
  • get suggestions on the birds you are likely to see in your garden Click in the 'search by species name' box to see a drop down list

Check out this article for more tips and tricks.

Winter Survey 2018 results
Photo: Helen Bryant

Urban Bird Forum: Sydney

A huge thank you to the 120 passionate Sydney-siders who joined the Birds in Backyards Program at our Urban Bird Public Forum in February. Designed to introduce people early in the planning stages of the Urban Bird Conservation Action Plan, the forum allowed us at Birds in Backyards to tell people about what the CAP is and why it is so important.

Most importantly - everyone who came along to the forum also got to have their say about what and who they are concerned about in the urban landscape. We are still compiling all the feedback we received but read about some of the highlights such as the birds people are worried about and how participants want to help here.

There is plenty more opportunites to get involved in this in the coming year.

Powerful Owl
Photo by Mark McGeachie

Birds in Schools: Employment Opportunity

We are seeking a passionate environmental educator in Sydney to run a Birds in Schools project in Penrith for the remainder of 2019. The Project Officer will be responsible for planning, delivering and evaluating Birds in Schools in the Penrith LGA with a particular focus on the Penrith Lakes Development. They will provide training, do some teaching and will also coordinate volunteers, local council staff and report and publicise the project, including the assist with the creation of bird-friendly habitat across 10 primary schools.

For more information read here and contact for a full position description


Photo: Mark McGeachie

Birds in Schools: Volunteers needed

We are excited to be bringing our Birds in Schools Project to both Melbourne and Sydney in 2019 and would love some help from the Birds in Backyards community. If you either:

  • Know of or work in a primary school that might be interested in getting involved in Melbourne (focussing on but not limited to the western suburbs) or Penrith in Sydney OR
  • Are keen to volunteer to assist the Project Officers with teaching years 5 and 6 students about birds and how to bird watch 

pop an email to

To find out more about the range of Birds in Schools options we have available including free lessons, check out our Birds in Schools page.

Yellow-faced Honeyeater. Photo: P Merger

Look Up!

In our backyards its tempting to think that we have 'our' birds, ones that are a regular sight in our garden day in day out. And in some cases that is true, a lot of Australian birds are sedentary or at least nomadic (moving around the landscape in response to what resources e.g. flowering Eucalypts are available). However as we head into Autumn there are a lot of native birds on the move and if you simply look up you may witness something extraordinary!

Learn about some of the birds that are on the move around Australia in Autumn here. Don't forget to tell us about what you see by completing an Autumn Birds in Backyards survey.


Birds in Backyards Autumn Survey 2018

Act for Birds: Share Your Story

Join BirdLife Australia in pushing for strong nature laws and independent institutions that will protect the birds and places we love. Add your voice to thousands of other Australians like Myf Warhurst and John Williamson who are calling for laws that no longer fail our wildlife, and us. The more of us that share our stories, the louder the call. It simply cannot be ignored. Every story counts.

Share your story with BirdLife Australia and we’ll make sure that our elected leaders hear your voice.

  • Tell us why you love birds.
  • Tell us about a bird or a place that’s special to you.
  • Or tell us about a time when you’ve loved and lost - when your love for birds was just not enough to help them.
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